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Hg Capital Advisors

Hg Capital Advisors, LLC [Hg Capital] is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm dedicated to providing investment solutions to advisors and their clients. Hg Capital´s expertise is in providing objectively managed investment solutions. We have developed proprietary active and tactical management as well as asset allocation solutions. When properly mixed these programs are designed to provide a new level of diversification—across methodology, holding timeframe and asset class—beyond traditional investment philosophy. This enables you to build portfolios your clients can stay with, meeting their investment objectives and comfort levels in all market environments.

Hg Capital´s focus is on fee-only asset management on a discretionary basis. Client assets are always held in the client´s name at the respective mutual fund family, trust company or securities firm. Hg Capital never takes possession of the client´s funds. Either party can cancel Hg Capital´s management services at any time upon written notice.

Hg Capital Advisors, LLC was founded in 2001. Hg Capital began trading its programs live on November 4, 2004. After two years of trading, the performance of these programs began drawing the attention of investors across the country. Hg Capital works with advisors to provide management, research and education to improve their clients’ investment results.

The managers of Hg Capital may have funds in the same programs that they manage for their clients.